this is sandra juto

My internet start page is a mash up of things I'm sure you all look at every day: facebook, etsy, gmail. Amidst all of those sites I have my favorite blogs; the ones I read EVERY day. Sandra's is right up at the top.

I found Sandra Juto's blog awhile ago, and I immediately fell in love. If you've been keeping up with Yonder, you know that out of Megon and I, I am the one who loves blogs. I draw so much inspiration from looking at other peoples lives. I visited Gothenberg, Sweden last year, so when I found out that Sandra lived there, I was so excited to see her take on the city.

Sandra is a renaissance woman, like most of the women I know. She crochets, photographs, illustrates, is a wife and a sister. She makes Wrist Worms which she sells in her online shop, she also crochets these curious little characters she calls "softies" which I find adorable. She also sells her illustration prints and calendars.

I wanted to get to know Sandra a little better, and introduce her to all of you, so I emailed her an interview to which she happily responded.

Yonder: What cities have you lived in?
Sandra: Lulea and Goteborg, both in Sweden.

Y: Obviously you love Berlin the most. What is it about Berlin?
S: I feel at home in Berlin. Everytime I've been there my husband and I have looked at eachother and said "Why aren't we living here? Why do we go back to Goteborg?" so we've finally decided to move.

Y: How did you meet your husband?
S: We met at university. It took a while before we became friends and when we did we started seeing eachother every day and had so much fun.

Y: Is there something that inspires you more than anything else?
S: Love.

Y: What is your favorite childhood memory?
S: Hugging my dog Kim, a blue merle collie dog.

Y: What are some of your favorite blogs?
S: My sister's: http://lisetteliljebo.blogspot.com
My friend Lisen's: http://www.lisenadbage.com/blog
My friend Famapa's: http://myfunnyeye.blogspot.com
My husband's: http://www.pergenius.com/log

Be sure to keep up on her blog as she and her husband, Johan, are getting ready to move soon and I'm sure she'll be posting lots of beautiful photos of Berlin! I don't know about you, but I've also spent a good amount of time in Berlin and can totally relate to Sandra's love of the city. If it were up to me, I'd move there in a heartbeat.

from top: Sandra (photo from Johan's blog), Wrist Worms, paper dolls,
Sandra's old studio, Sandra and Johan, and other photos from her blog.

You can find Sandra's blog here, her shop here, her husbands blog here, and her husbands shophere.


  1. I love Sandra's universe, she is such a talented woman. Thanks so much for sharing this interview of her with us :)

  2. i have been following sandra's work since a few months ago and she is one talented & original lady! and yes... though i can't wait to visit sweden, i have been in berlin and loved it so much as well! have a great weekend and thank you for sharing these thoughts with us! twiggs