make your own: scented body powder

You may have see my post the other day talking about handmade gifts for the holiday season.  I thought it would be fun to do some DIY posts for you over the next few weeks to get those idea wheels spinning in your head!  This first one is super easy, fast and fun.  Corn starch has been used as a body powder for years, it's safe and effective.  (I totally recommend using corn starch in this recipe instead of talc as talc has some adverse effects and has been linked to cancer.)

Here's what you'll need to make your body powder: 
--1 box corn starch (go ahead and splurge on organic. 1 box will make about 4 bottles of powder)
--1 tablespoon
--1 coffee filter
--1 small bowl
--1-4 spice bottles with shaker tops (those little plastic pieces you shake the spices through)
--essential oils of your choice

cut the bottom of the coffee filter to make a funnel

Use your coffee filter funnel to spoon the corn starch in your bottle.  I was able to get between 3 and 4 heaping tablespoons into each bottle.

Once you've filled your bottle, empty it into your bowl.  (I know this seems backwards, but using a bowl allows you more work space.)  With the corn starch in the bowl it's time to add the essential oils!  Use whatever you like.  Here are the combos that I used:
12 drops mandarin
12 drops lemon
12 drops grapefruit
24 drops spearmint
24 drops vanilla

The great thing about aromatherapy is that it's so unique.  Everyone's olfactory senses (aka, your nose!) are so individual.  If you are making this for a gift, find out what the recipient likes!  I love citrus and vanilla!  Some people love floral scents, some love woodsy scents.  Find out what you need and spend some time smelling your oils.  You can create really complex blends!  Some brand names to look for are Aura Cacia, Now Foods and Wyndmere Naturals.  These are 100% pure essential oils with no synthetic fragrances added to them! 

Once you've added your oils, give the mixture a good stir and then funnel it back into the bottle.  Let the powder sit for at least a day before using! 

Feel free to mark the bottom of the bottle with a sharpie so you know what the blend is.  You can paint the lids of your bottles (like I did) or add a label too! (I'll be doing another DIY later to show you how to transfer your own label designs to jars!)  
The total cost of this project is less than $5 per bottle so whip up a few to give to family and friends!!  Not only will it keep them smelling great, but they'll appreciate the thought!


  1. Love this idea! I can't wait to see the rest of them julie! good idea

  2. Excellent, Thanks!!