YOU are a badass

I don't often do book reviews here because, well, I'm not a very avid reader.  Usually,when I find a book I love, I really love the shit out of it.  This is one of those books.  It's life changing and I'm not just saying that.  Run, don't walk to your local library and pick it up.

I've talked here a lot about the power of positive thinking.  I'm a firm believer in it's power because I've seen it first hand.  In my own life, I've made changes in myself that can only be attributed to changing my thought patterns.  I've changed my negative self talk patterns, I've learned to love my body, I've stopped dating jerks, I married an amazing man, needless to say, I've accomplished a lot by believing in positivity.

I have not, however, applied those same thoughts to my work.  I have often times gotten sucked into ruts and ways of thinking that definitely do not align with my previous accomplishments.  This book is changing that and I couldn't be happier.  I'm applying a lot of Ms. Sincero's wisdom and I'm ready to make some changes happen in my life.

So I'm saying to you, dear readers:

I'm opening my life up to possibilities, I'm opening my heart up to love and light.  I'm ready and willing to accept positive change in my life.  I'm ready to make my dreams a reality.

The crazy part?  I believe all that!

Seriously, you guys.  Read this book.  And when you're done, come back here so we can totally all sit around and talk about how the awesome things that are happening to us!



It's amazing what a weekend away will do for your spirit.  We spent approximately 48 hours in Chicago this weekend and we had a blast.  We drank amazing coffee, ate delicious food and walked and walked and walked.  We saw the city from the top of the Victory Records building (where my brother in law works) and walked along the lake at night and saw all the twinkling lights of the city.  It was such a special way to ring in the end of our first year of marriage.  We talked about what we want to do in the next year, about goals, about hopes and dreams.  It was really the best weekend I could ask for.

How was your weekend?

ps, you can see more of my photos from our trip here


once around the sun

all photos by tony irons of irons international

Last year was filled to the brim with planning and excitement and anticipation.  It was timelines and schedules and calendars.  It was regular life and a wedding all packed into one.  All of that has left this year a little....different.  I won't say it's been a less important year, just a different one.  This year has been calm, cozy, and full of adjusting.  It has been contented in so many ways.  It has brought over a feeling of calm and security I don't know that I've ever experienced.  It has found us nestling into each other, creating new routines and starting our life together.

It's crazy to think that one year has already gone by.  That last year was the year we got married.  It feels like millions of years ago, and that we've been together for lifetimes already.  This year has been good to us, it has seen us grow into each other and learn from each other.  It has shown us how to set up our foundation so that years from now we'll still be strong.  It has allowed us to shift and move with each other.  It has taught us.

I'm so grateful for Justin being in my life.  I'm grateful for the love he shows me and for the possibility in our lives.  Being married means different things to different people, and I'm pretty sure we've both learned a lot about what it means to us this past year.  I'm so excited about the changes each year will bring to us.

To celebrate our anniversary we're going away the weekend and I couldn't be happier.  The past few weeks have been quiet on here for good reason; we've been really busy!  Life has added up and we've been trying to make balance happen.  I hope to be back next week with pictures from our weekend.

I hope everyone is having a great day!  Thanks for stopping by!