My friend Hope and I have joined forces and she is now selling her beautiful and healing salves in the Yonder shop.  We've come up with a great product which features both of our products!  Take a peek at our new kits!  You get one of my mini pouches and two of her yummy salves inside.  The kits are all available in brown, grey or striped canvas--you choose!  Want to see more?  Just click here to visit our shop!


My creations are now available in three spots!  

If you live in St. Louis, Missouri, you can go to The Foundrie at West County mall.  Shelah will help you out!  Tell her I sent ya! 

If you live in Columbia, Missouri, you can go to American Shoe Store on Broadway and pick up a bag!  Tell Mike I sent ya!  

You can also buy my bags directly from me via my bigcartel shop by clicking here!  If you see something but want it a little differently, email me directly about a custom order at yonderinfo@gmail.com.  I've made several special orders and I'm happy to collaborate with you!  

Happy shopping, friends! 


the new Yonder shop

At the end of September I started working really hard on a new line of bags.  I've been out of the "selling" game for awhile now, but my need to make things has never quieted down.  I set out to make something that I was really happy with; something that felt like me.  The cool part is that I think I've finally found it.  I wake up wanting to sew. I go to bed dreaming about sewing.  I haven't been this excited about work in a long time.  

I've gotten an online shop together and I wanted to let you all know about it in case you wanted to drop by.  I'm over on big cartel now and I'd love it if you'd pop by!  My shop name is Yonder Studios and you can find me here.  I also post quite a few photos of my work on my Instagram account which is here.  

Hope you're all having a great weekend!